Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment in Flower Mound is a dental procedure that we can perform to save a tooth that has been damaged or infected on the inside. It involves removing the diseased pulp tissue from within the tooth’s root, cleaning and disinfecting the area, and then filling and sealing it. This procedure can help alleviate pain, prevent infection, and save your natural tooth from extraction. 

Remember, a treated tooth can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. So, if you are experiencing any symptoms indicating the need for a root canal, don’t delay seeking treatment and saving your natural tooth. Your smile will thank you!

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Signs that You May Need a Root Canal

The most common sign that you may need root canal treatment is persistent toothache or pain. This discomfort can be caused by decay reaching the nerve of the tooth, an infection in the pulp tissue, or even a crack or fracture in the tooth. Other signs that you may need a root canal include sensitivity to hot and cold, swelling of the gums, discoloration of the tooth, and tenderness when chewing.

It is important to note that not all cases of these symptoms will require root canal treatment. Our team can examine you and possibly take X-rays to determine the cause of your symptoms and recommend the most appropriate treatment.

The Procedure

We typically do root canal treatment in one or two appointments, depending on the severity of the case. During the procedure, we will first numb the area with local anesthesia to ensure your comfort. We will then create an opening in the top of the tooth to access the pulp chamber and remove the infected or damaged tissue.

Once we remove the pulp, Dr. Salguti will use small instruments to clean and shape the root canals. The canals are then filled with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha and sealed to prevent further infection. Sometimes, Dr. Salguti may prescribe antibiotics to help clear up any remaining infection.

After the root canal is complete, a temporary filling or crown will be placed on the tooth to protect it until we finalize your permanent restoration.


Some discomfort and mild swelling are expected after a root canal procedure. We may prescribe pain medication or recommend over-the-counter options to help manage any discomfort. It is essential to follow our instructions for aftercare, which may include avoiding certain foods and practicing good oral hygiene.

You may also need to schedule a follow-up appointment for a permanent filling or crown on the tooth. This appointment will help restore its strength and function and protect it from further damage.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

The main benefit of root canal treatment is that it saves your natural tooth from extraction. Losing a tooth can negatively affect your oral health and overall well-being, so preserving your natural teeth whenever possible is always best.

Additionally, root canal treatment helps alleviate pain and discomfort caused by infection or damage to the tooth. It also prevents further spread of infection, which can lead to more severe issues if left untreated.

Root Canal Treatment in Flower Mound

Root canal treatment is a safe and effective way to save your natural tooth and alleviate pain caused by infection or damage. If you experience any signs or symptoms that may indicate the need for a root canal, it is essential to listen to your body and seek dental care.

If you have questions or concerns about root canal treatment, please talk to Dr. Deepika Salguti. She can provide more information and help you determine if this procedure is best for your dental health. 

So take care of those pearly whites and schedule an appointment with Brite Smiles Dentistry today! Our quality services include general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry in Flower Mound, Texas.