Wisdom Teeth Removal in Flower Mound, TX

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Wisdom teeth removal is a common dental procedure that is undergone by nearly 5 million people every year. Although it is often dreaded by most people, it is for many, a very positive step in improving overall oral health. Wisdom teeth may need to be removed for several different reasons.


Why You May Need to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

Your dentist or an oral surgeon can tell from dental x rays whether your wisdom teeth need to be removed or not. Some common reasons for removal include: keeping your teeth properly aligned, bringing down uncomfortable swelling in the gums, to prevent or eliminate sinus problems, to keep your jaw from possible damage, to relieve crowding, to help with periodontal gum issues in the back of your mouth and to keep your other teeth safe and protected.

When a wisdom tooth begins to push through the gum tissue it can be uncomfortable and negatively affect your other teeth in major ways. If you’re unsure whether wisdom tooth removal in Flower Mound would be a good option to improve your oral hygiene and health, consult with your dentist and let them help guide you towards the best decision for your situation.

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How Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Work?

A trained dentist or oral surgeon will provide you with local anesthesia or general anesthesia to help with pain management and then make a small incision in your gums at the extraction site. The wisdom tooth extraction itself doesn’t often take very long. The dentist or oral surgeon will then remove the tooth and the tooth root. When the tooth has been removed you’ll likely be given a piece of gauze for the extraction site and an ice pack to help with the pain and swelling.
Depending on the type of anesthesia used for your extraction, it may be necessary to have someone drive you to your surgical appointment, stay during the extraction and then drive you home.

The recovery process involves eating soft foods, rinsing the extraction site with salt water, and keeping the removal area clean and free of food. There is the rare possibility of getting “dry socket” which is caused when a blood clot forms at the site of the wisdom tooth extraction. Dry socket can expose the nerves and bones underneath the surface of your gums and needs to be treated immediately.

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