Dentist for Kids in Flower Mound

Dentist for Kids in Flower Mound. If your child only has one tooth or all of their teeth, they should be going to see the dentist at least twice a year. Many people may feel it is not as crucial for children to receive dental care because their baby teeth eventually fall out, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. At Brite Smiles Dentistry, our dentist Dr. Deepika Salguti is passionate about each person in Flower Mound, Texas, receiving high-quality dental care.  

One of our top priorities at Brite Smiles Dentistry is to provide an environment where people of all ages, including children, will have a comfortable and fun experience. Having a child-friendly environment will allow your child to develop a good relationship with the dentist. 


Why Should I Take My Child to See The Dentist? 

This is a common question among parents with young and older children. Along with developing a good relationship with going to the dentist, there are other reasons why we highly recommend taking your child to see a dentist for kids, including: 

  • We can help your child learn and create good at-home oral hygiene habits that they are likely to take with them throughout their life. 


  • By bringing your child into our dental office in Flower Mound, Tx, we can help them prevent dental decay and other issues arising. Not only will this make their teeth healthier, but it will also help make their dental care more affordable for you. 


  • A dentist for kids, such as Dr. Salguti, has gone through years of training and practicing to best serve and teach children. She is specialized in all general forms of dentistry and can help your child have a beautiful and healthy smile. 


As previously stated, each person, including children, should go to the dentist to receive routine dental care every six months. Your child’s teeth will be deeply cleaned, polished, flossed, and examined by our dentist at these regular visits. Routine visits are essential to preventing decay from occurring or spreading. 

We encourage you to bring them in for their first routine visit right after their first tooth has erupted if you have an infant. We can help you navigate through infant teething and give you tips on how to clean your infant’s teeth at home to ensure a healthy smile and gums. 

A dentist should have already seen children who have most baby teeth. If you have a child who has not, don’t worry! Please bring them in for their first routine cleaning and exam here at Brite Smiles Dentistry. 


Treatments for Kids 

We offer numerous treatments and procedures for each of our patients to take advantage of here in our office. For children, generally, less restorative and cosmetic work is needed. The most popular treatments for young kids help maintain tooth health and prevent tooth damage from occurring. Such treatments include: 


  • Sealants: sealants are plastic coatings on the chewing surfaces of teeth that help prevent cavities from occurring in their deep pits. 
  • Fluoride: this natural mineral is used in dentistry to help strengthen the enamel or outer surface of the tooth. Fluoride will help the enamel fight off decay. 
  • Cleanings: our cleanings include deep brushing and flossing the teeth to remove any food or plaque build-up on the tooth’s surface. 
  • Exams: Dr. Salguti examines each tooth after the cleaning to ensure no cavities or damage. 


Dentist for Kids in Flower Mound Texas 

Taking your child to see a dentist for kids will significantly improve your child’s experience. We have taken measures to ensure that the office and the treatments are fun and exciting for the child in our office. At Brite Smiles Dentistry, we accept patients of all ages to make dental care convenient for the whole family. Please call or stop by our dental office to learn more about our services or how we can serve you.

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